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Mt. Vernon Church of the Nazarene
424 Vine St
Mt Vernon, IN 47620

Mt. Vernon General Baptist Church
Pastor Matt Watson
1717 Main St
Mt Vernon, IN 47620

Mt. Zion Baptist Church
800 E Blackford Ave
Evansville, IN 47713

Phone: 812-422-8191
Mt. Zion Christian Church
Pastor Ron Moyer
14686 N SR 245
Santa Claus, IN 47579

Phone: 812-544-2647
Mt. Zion General Baptist Church
Pastor Rick Sellers
1425 Oliver Rd N
Wadesville, IN 47638

Phone: 812-673-2194
Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Pastor Darryl Young
400 Crossroads
Albion, IL 62806

Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
Pastor Mike Turner
4965 W CR 200 N
Richland, IN 47634

Phone: 812-649-9367
Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church
Pastor John Simmons
527 Mt Pleasant Rd
Loogootee, IN 47553

Phone: 812-295-3864
Muren Church of God
901 W Hwy 64
Winslow, IN 47598

Phone: 812-789-5263
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