Expecting to See Jesus

May 29, 2012
     by Anne Graham Lotz
EXPECTING TO SEE JESUS by Anne Graham Lotz: A Wake Up Call For God’s People
An excerpt from the foreword by Joel Rosenberg: “What comes through page after page is Anne’s genuine passion to see her Savior face-to-face, and her strong and growing sense that the Lord will return in her lifetime. Anne is not interested in end-times prophecy as an intellectual exercise. She doesn’t have a sensationalistic agenda. She’s rightly focused on the big picture. She handles the Scriptures faithfully and carefully.”
Knowing that Christ is coming soon, Anne motivates us to pray differently, schedule our time differently, spend our money differently and be found faithful on that day. She weaves in a story throughout the book about a woman named Carole.   Having been a Christian for more than 15 years, Carole  had a successful home business and a six-figure income that came with it, lived in a beautiful home, had a large wonderful family, competed in triathlons and basically felt blessed and fully alive. Only when she had a personal revival did she realize what she had been missing. Anne challenges those of us who think our lives are fine, and asks if we wouldn’t like to experience a powerful, personal, life-changing revival also.
This book also has an optional study guide and DVD with Henry Blackaby and Crawford Loritts which this reviewer participated in with eight other women. I had read the book first and was riveted from page one. As in her other books and DVD’s, Anne is candid and transparent about her own struggles in her life which makes it so easy to identify with her. As she shares how the Lord has helped her through the difficult times, we became inspired to believe that God wants to do that for us too. 
On a scale of 10, I’d give this book 10 (musical) notes!
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