Stronger: Trading Brokenness for Unbreakable Strength

March 9, 2011
     by Jim Daly
After reading this book, I feel I know Jim Daly a little better. Although it isn’t an autobiography, Jim uses some of his personal trials and testing to bring out his point.
We have all been though “various trials” to some extent. It’s just the way life is.   However, what happens when the trial or circumstances seem overwhelming, unbearable, or relentless? How are we going to react? Is God still loving, kind and all powerful?
Jim answers these questions and more in a very compelling and compassionate way. He uses example after painful example of how God turns these events to reveal His glory and purposes, even the most extreme cases.
I was encouraged and blessed to have read how others overcame life’s most serious storms. I can only hope and pray my reaction will be the same, to trade my brokenness for His unbreakable strength.

Reviewed by Richard Barton
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(Highly Recommended)

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Posted by: Susan Turner on March 9, 2011 10:15am
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