Hearts Awakening

June 21, 2010
     by Delia Parr
During the hot summer months, I find I need some Christian fiction on my nightstand. I have read other series by Delia Parr and consider them worth the time. Hearts Awakening is rather predictable but I do like the way the author deals with deeper issues. Forgiveness, bitterness, commitment and marriage are all brought to light from a Biblical perspective.
Desperate times (1840), desperate circumstances bring desperate solutions and while life was certainly not easy or perfect, many people did well to survive during this time in our American history. This is not a particularly light-hearted story but still was well written. As with most Christian fiction, issues are resolved and hopefully, the couple/family will live happily ever after.  
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Posted by: Susan Turner on June 21, 2010 10:15am
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