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22JUN13 9:16pm Susan needs prayer for:
My 36 y/o daughter was blindsided when her 14 month relationship with a man ended abruptly when he became unfaithful.  She is now homeless, jobless and seriously depressed.  She knows God can heal the hurt, but she is fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.  Satan is attacking her daily.  Please pray for God's healing touch, a job, and a renewed faith.  Thank you.  I praise God for his prayer warriors.

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jambruce I will pray for your daughter, I pray her heart will heal and all the bad will turn to her good. That is how our great God works. God bless you and your family! (6/25/13 8:58pm)
Susan Turner Father, we bring this need to you of this woman who has been hurt so badly by someone she cared for.  Help her to see you hand of mercy and grace and that her need of a home, and job would be met.  Help her to seek you with her whole heart. Amen. (7/15/13 1:39pm)
02APR13 9:41pm cinjalu needs prayer for:
Cheryl to get new, better job

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Susan Turner Father, we ask you to provide for Cheryl a job where you can be honored and glorified and where she can use the skills and abilities that You have given her.  You know her needs and we commit this situation to you. (4/16/13 1:51pm)
Susan Father, please grant Cheryl wisdom and opportunity for employment. (6/22/13 9:17pm)
28FEB13 3:39am yyylove needs prayer for:
Thank family members, lovers, friends, cute kids, your care, encouragement and companionship, life is only happiness, poetic cantabile episodes!

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15JAN13 9:02am beckygallagher needs prayer for:
Please be in prayer for Sissy Woody of Loogootee. She has severe kidney failure and is in need of a kidney donor as soon as possible. She is a wife, a devoted mother of teen boys, the caretaker for her father, and she goes to dialysis 3 times per week in Bedford. She has constant back pain, headaches and heart palpitations. Prayer works as we all know and your prayers for her would be appreciated.
Perhaps you would like to consider being her donor - it is a completely free volunteer opportunity. Just call Tami Rader at 317-338-2694 or toll-free 866-810-2449 to discuss what is involved.

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Susan Turner Lord, we pray for Sissy that you would help and sustain her through these difficult days - days of waiting and illness.  Provide a donor for her if it is your will.  We thank you for her family and good friends that are praying for and helping her and her family.  Provide strength and comfort as only You can.  Amen (1/25/13 9:58am)
04JAN13 9:24pm cinjalu needs prayer for:
Prayers please for me and friend/coworker to get new jobs.

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Ruth Cravens Father, we lift up this need for employment for these folks.  You know their needs for provision and we ask that you provide for them in a super natural way.  May you be honored and glorified in their willingness to serve You! (1/11/13 10:54am)
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