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19AUG13 4:44pm ccarver79 needs prayer for:
Please pray for me, my son and my wife, we are hurting financially since my wife lost her job and she is having a hard time getting work. I am hopping God will bless me with a job promotion that I put in for. we lost a vehicle earlier this year and now just recently had mechanical trouble on the only vehicle we have it piling up and its very overwhelming and i am struggling with my faith in God. Please Pray!

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Ruth Cravens Heavenly Father, we come before you asking that you meet the financial needs of this family; asking that you will open doors for them for their job situations.   Help this family to know that they can trust you through your Word, encourage and strengthen them in their daily walk with you.  We give you the praise, glory and honor for meeting their needs and we ask these things in the name of Jesus.  Amen (8/23/13 1:16pm)
Dusti Phil 4:19 My God shall supply all my needs. Heavenly I lift up this family to you in prayer. Please bless them them with jobs they need. Thank you Father. (10/31/13 10:15am)
26JUL13 8:21pm seawood needs prayer for:
Please pray for my Grandson's wife who is 22 weeks pregnant and has lost most of the fluid protecting the baby.  Lungs are not developed at 22 weeks.  We need a miracle.  Please pray.

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Susan Turner Father, we are praying for a miracle for this little one, created in your image.  If it would be your will, that you would protect this little life and bring him or her safely into this family.  Give the family comfort during this difficult time.  In Jesus' name.  Amen (7/29/13 2:02pm)
25JUN13 8:56pm jambruce needs prayer for:
Please pray for our Pastor's wife, Mrs. Pat Thomas. She is having a total hysterectomy tomorrow morning 6-26-2013. This is to remove cancer. Please pray for the doctors, and that she will do well through the surgery, and pray that all the cancer will be removed with this procedure, that she will not have to have chemo therapy, or radiation treatments. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much - and God bless! ~mary~

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Susan Turner Update: we heard that the surgery went well and follow up chemo not needed at this time.  So glad to hear this good news. (7/29/13 2:03pm)
Dusti PRAISE GOD!!!! (10/31/13 10:17am)
22JUN13 9:16pm Susan needs prayer for:
My 36 y/o daughter was blindsided when her 14 month relationship with a man ended abruptly when he became unfaithful.  She is now homeless, jobless and seriously depressed.  She knows God can heal the hurt, but she is fighting depression and suicidal thoughts.  Satan is attacking her daily.  Please pray for God's healing touch, a job, and a renewed faith.  Thank you.  I praise God for his prayer warriors.

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jambruce I will pray for your daughter, I pray her heart will heal and all the bad will turn to her good. That is how our great God works. God bless you and your family! (6/25/13 8:58pm)
Susan Turner Father, we bring this need to you of this woman who has been hurt so badly by someone she cared for.  Help her to see you hand of mercy and grace and that her need of a home, and job would be met.  Help her to seek you with her whole heart. Amen. (7/15/13 1:39pm)
02APR13 9:41pm cinjalu needs prayer for:
Cheryl to get new, better job

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Susan Turner Father, we ask you to provide for Cheryl a job where you can be honored and glorified and where she can use the skills and abilities that You have given her.  You know her needs and we commit this situation to you. (4/16/13 1:51pm)
Susan Father, please grant Cheryl wisdom and opportunity for employment. (6/22/13 9:17pm)
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