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26FEB14 6:46pm Tom needs prayer for:
Our short wave radio group has one of its members in the hospital apparently having had a heart attack and didn't know it right away. Roland entered the hospital for chest pain diagnosis and a Heart cath shows one of his major arteries is completely blocked and about 60% blockage in the others and now his kidneys are starting to fail. He is only 50 years old and has a lot of life left to live, Please pray for him and his family that he will be able to go through Open heart surgery with a miraculous recovery.he's got massive damage to the heart muscle and it will take a miracle for him to recover and that's what I would like to petition Our Lord Jesus Christ to preform in his life, 'if' it be His Will". Please Pray with and for us for Roland to be able at least to come home from the Hospital and get back on the radio which he enjoys so much. Thank You so much in advance for your Prayers.

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10FEB14 7:04pm Susan needs prayer for:
Steve has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney disease.  This is a sudden shock since he had no symptoms.  Please pray that he will be able to make the changes in diet and lifestyle to survive.  He is only 61, a believer and has a kind heart.  Pray for wisdom, protection and healing.  Thank you.

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03FEB14 6:55am Tom needs prayer for:
My wife works with a mid 30yr old Woman and knows her soon to be Husband. Paul. He is on a ventilator and prognoses is grim and I ask for Prayer for the young man for The Great Physician to heal him  and make him hole again, God Bless and Thank You...

May God Bless all who stopped by this post! Paul has surprised the doctors and started gaining ground almost as soon as I posted my request. The Father has seen to Paul's needs and he is now off the respirator and close to going home, How Awesome is our God!!!!!!!   

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Susan Father, we bring Paul and his family to your throne for healing.  May your will be done in every area of their lives.  Comfort and sustain them, in Jesus' name. (2/10/14 7:05pm)
Tom A Heart felt Thank You Susan, May God Bless You and Yours (2/26/14 6:49pm)
02FEB14 11:10pm t13074 needs prayer for:
Please pray for my brother, Dave, having risky surgery Feb.3rd @ 8 am for an aneurism on his aorta going to his abdomen. The other concern is that he has COPD and his lungs don't respond well to the anesthesia they must use. Please pray for his recovery as well. Thanks so much!

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Susan Father, we are trusting you for the healing of Dave.  Grant him peace, strength and comfort.  In Jesus' name, AMEN. (2/10/14 7:06pm)
05JAN14 12:36pm Susan needs prayer for:
Please pray for my three friends fighting cancer: Bill, Bob and Marjan.  May God's will be done and may He sustain them in this journey.

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Susan Thank you.  One friend got an encouraging report: after treatment a 97% cure rate is predicted.  Another friend has found a doctor for a second opinion and is confident.  Third friend is elderly and still struggling. (1/11/14 6:25am)
Ruth Cravens Father, We ask and pray for Your peace and comfort for these struggling with cancer.  We pray for wisdom for doctors treating them and for good decisions about all their care.  Continue to give them good friends to encourage and pray for them.  Help them with Your strength through these difficult days.  In Jesus' name, Amen. (1/13/14 1:30pm)
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