Resurrection Power

March 26, 2012 3:05pm

Resurrection Power
As we celebrate Easter this month, it’s easy to get lost in the secondary celebrations. Some are harmless fun; some are void of any Biblical context, to put it nicely. But for those of us who know Jesus Christ as our risen, resurrected Lord, it is a wonderful opportunity to proclaim Him as uniquely qualified as the “author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). For no other founder of any other religion (to reduce it to the world’s view) did what He did….that is, to rise again from the tomb.
As a broadcast engineer, I work in a physical universe governed by immutable laws, things like Ohm’s Law, Planck’s Constant, Kelvin’s Law, Newton’s Laws and the list goes on and on. These all started as theorems, and through the application of the scientific method of testing and observing repeatable, definable results, they came to be understood as irrevocable Laws. Interestingly, a recent news article proclaimed that Einstein’s E=mc2, thought to have been voided by the discovery of a faster-than light particle, has been restored after further testing. Every day, as we “push” electrons around our studios, convert them to energy and send them off into space as a radio frequency signal, we depend upon the continuity of those laws to keep things working. Yet, in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we find the creator of the universe (“..by Him all things were made…”Colossians 1:16), the sustainer of the world as we know it (“…in Him all things hold together.” v.17) showing His authority by contravening the very laws he designed in creation (…the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the pre-eminence” v.18).
This is a unique demonstration that, more than any other aspect of our Lord’s earthly ministry, qualifies him as our Savior. Think about it….how can you trust someone for your eternal destiny when their body still lies in the grave. No thank you, I choose to trust someone who demonstrated His power over sin, death and the grave. Historical facts support it, witnesses testify to it, and God’s Word proclaims it: Our Savior Lives!
And here’s the most exciting thing of all: the same resurrection power is at work within us, today:
For it is God who works within you both to will and to do of His good pleasure
(Philippians 2:13)
So this Easter, let’s rejoice not only in what He did, but also in what he is doing each day in our lives.
He is risen!
He is risen, Indeed!!!

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He is risen!

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