Kids Following Christ

Hi kids!  It is winter already!  We hope you had a joy-filled Christmas and are settling in for a winter of nice family time around the fire at night.  In the winter, the earth 'rests'.  The plants are not growing and the tree are dormant too.  It can be a good reminder for us that God wants us to rest.  We rest physically by getting a good night of sleep.  We rest our minds when we turn off the TV or video games and work a puzzle or read.  And we need to rest our spirits too.  Your spirit or heart is that part of you that feels, knows God, and chooses to love Him and serve Him.  Sometimes life turns out some unexpected trials.  Maybe your Dad loses his job.  Or you break a leg or get the flu.  Maybe a friend moves away or you didn't make the basketball team.  Those things are stressful and sad.  But knowing that God is in control and that He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him will help us to rest in Him.  To completely give it over to Him to take care of.  That fills us with a peace and a restful spirit that others who do not know God can't understand.  The way to rest in God is to spend quiet time with Him.  Picture yourself rolling up your cares into a bundle and handing them to Him.  And trusting Him to work it all out and supply your needs.  Ahhh.  That's a peaceful feeling.  So take some time this winter to rest in Him.  Here are some things to help get you started:

1.  Find some time alone each day to read your Bible and talk with God.  Listen to Him too.

2.  Sit and look out the window.  Thank Him for all the blessings you see.

3.  Turn off the TV or video games and do a nice, quiet activity by yourself or with your family.  Puzzles, games, and reading are extra fun  in the cold winter time!

Winter Activities!
  1.  How about making a Birdseed Snow Angel!  As soon as we get a couple of inches of snow, you could make a 'snow angel' shape in the snow out of different bird seeds.  Just look at this fun example provided by FamilyFun.com

2.  Make your own Peppermint Ice Cream.  Just put a few scoops of vanilla in a bowl and sprinkle some crushed candy cane pieces on top.  YUM!!

3.  Hot chocolate stirred with a leftover Christmas candy cane would make a tasty, easy treat too!

4.  Have a game day with your siblings.  Let every sibling choose a game, and take turns playing each one for 15-30 minutes.  See how many games you can play in one evening or afternoon.

5.  Write a friend.  Perhaps you'd even like to write a story to send to a friend.  You could draw your own illustrations and think about how much fun your friend will have.  Ask your friend to continue the story on a new sheet of paper with their own illustrations.  When they send it back to you, it will be quite a masterpiece to enjoy for years to come.

6.  Family Tell-a-Story
Sit in a circle with your family, and decide a general topic for your story.  My kids and I enjoyed making up stories about a little mouse family that lived out in our backyard.  Go around the circle, with each person adding another verbal paragraph to the story.  Laughter and wonderful memories made are sure to be the result!