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July 25, 2016, 12:42:14 PM
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1  Community / PrayerLink / family childhood problems on: November 02, 2012, 09:21:06 PM
I'm 18 and my name is Kitiara and i live in foster care.I have lived in foster care since i was 16.  As  child (9 years old to early 16) i was mistreated.He hurt me or in other words abused me and when i was 16 before i was taken away he went a step farther(took advantage of me(sexual).my dad wont confess.I believe its because he afraid to lose my mom and famliy and that he will go to jail.my mom dose not belive it happend.Thay want to baby me like a child and i do want to be with them.But its hard to be with some one who wont believe something happened and some one who has lied to you more than once.I guess she dose not want to be like her mom.The same thing happen to her as a child.I just want to be happy and for them to be happy.i know that properly wont happen for my dad long as he hold it in.but i can pray and pray and pray i hopefully god will anser my prayer.I also want my mom to always be safe.Also for my dad.I have got real close to forgiving him completely.but i just cant trust him.I can forgive him and pray for him but i can not live with him if there is chance it could happen again  I have to think of my safety too.I love Jesus and i know that god loves all his children.I know he can do and will do anything for his children.he sent is son on the cross to forgive our sins so we did not have to perish and could eternal life.I just do not understand why things like this happen.i have faith that he never give us a challenge that we cant do.I'm just confused on where I'm at on the path.I'm follow the light he gives us.But it still quiet confusing.I know ill make it though.I just don't know how.I smile each day and hide my confusion and frustration with the situation.I smile each day knowing I'm loved but i hope in my heart that some of the people would open their eyes to a sad and scary truth.I hope that every body find the savior that is good to me as he is.(the savior) I pray for the other kids and adults that also confused and in foster care or safe tempery homes.I pray they learn what real love is.
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