Seasons Change...

by Susan Turner at 8am, October 28, 2011

Seasons Change……
One of the hardest adjustments that I have had to make is to allow for the changes that come with age. We might still feel like a teenager in our minds, but the reality check of slower metabolism, stiffer muscles and slower reflexes rears its ugly head regularly. Or as one wag said, “What don’t hurt, don’t work…” Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, each season of life brings its own set of challenges.
Regardless, I refuse to yield to the changing parameters of living life to its fullest. When Paul said that, “...I have learned that whatever state I am in…to be content” (Philippians 4:11), I think that he was referring more to being realistic than to giving up and being under the circumstances. After all, he told Timothy to “be a good soldier” and to “fight the good fight,” and that doesn’t sound like yielding to me.
I saw a poster recently that had a picture of an old-time sailing ship, running before the wind, every piece of sail rigged and filled out to its limits, straining in the wind, with spray rising off the bow as it knifed through the sea at a breakneck pace. It was a picture of maximum effort and maximum accomplishment, and underneath were these words:
               The pessimist sees the wind and worries,
            The optimist hopes for a better breeze or a calmer sea;
            The leader simply sets his sails and makes the most of the moment.
Here at Thy Word Network, we are always adjusting our sails, seeking to maximize our impact. No matter what the season, we desire to do our best to accomplish our mission of “seeing lives changed through the application of God’s Word through music and ministry.” Thanks for being part of all God is doing, and for praying for us as we adapt, adjust and hopefully, accomplish all God is calling us to do. My prayer for you is that the same will be true in your life, as well, and that one day we all will hear the words: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”
Now, where did I put the liniment…..?

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Maximum effort and maximum accomplishment!

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Posted by: Susan Turner on October 28, 2011 9:14am
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