Reception Tips

Are you having trouble recieving our signal?  These tips will help you to increase the strength of the signal you recieve, and better the quality of the sound you hear from our stations.

  1. Try a Newer Receiver, preferably one with digital tuning.  These have a numerical readout of the receiver frequency and generally a more sensitive turner that will lock onto our signal.
  2. Try to Find a Reciever with An External Antenna Port.  This will let you use a better antenna that will focus the receiver toward the signal.  The antenna port, either two screws or a threaded connector, will allow you to hook up one of several different antennas.
     The most basic indoor external antenna is called a "Folder Dipole"; and looks like the letter T.  Radio Shack sells these as Part #42-2385, for about $3-5.
  3. Buy an External Antenna.  The most difficult reception problems usually require an outdoor, High Gain antenna like the Radio Schack 15-2163 FM antenna.  While this antenna normally mounts on an outside mast, some have had success with it simply placed in an attic.  Cost is around $20 plus installation, but the results are great.